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Got fungus gnats flying around your plants ?

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Fungus gnats or scarid flies are the most common indoor plant pest. They usually appear around your plants when the potting mix has been wet for too long, or when dead foliage hasn't been cut off. The flies themselves are inoffensive for your plants, if not very irritating for you. Adult flies lay their eggs in the top layer of the soil releasing larvae which can, in the long term, cause damage to the little tender roots on your plants.

Biological Control Nematodes is then used to attack the larvae living in the soil. Nematodes are effective, easy to use and chemical free 🌍 !

Please note that neem oil solution is not efficient enough to get rid of a big infestation and yellow sticky traps only kill adult flies.

We work with Tessa owner of Lady Bird Plant Care that specialize in biological controls for all pests, not only fungus gnats. Go chemical free !

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