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Rooted Houseplants is a small independent family-run business based in Kent, that grew out of passion for gardening, nature and plants. We specialize in indoor plants and houseplant care advice, sourcing directly from trusted growers in Holland. The aim is simple; give you the confidence that you can keep indoor plants ALIVE. We focus on quality over quantity and are are 100% transparent with our customers. 

"After growing up in France, I decided to settle down with Leigh on the South-East coast of England. And that's how our journey with plants began the first day in the new house. No furniture, but at least we had our first houseplant- a lovely palm tree which is still with us today. We now have our little indoor jungle with plants and terrariums scattered around different rooms of the house.

After working at a local plant shop, I went through numerous courses and read through lots of vintage houseplants books; all in the idea of one day being able to share what I know on my own platform.

At Rooted, we love plants, we love Nature, that's why we wanted it to be a sustainable brand as much as possible. 100% of the packaging we use is reclaimed, recycled or recyclable. Big-up to Catercombi Ltd in Canterbury, who is partnering with us to recycle their packaging material. To control pests, we use organic and natural ingredients. We are also very lucky to be working with Lady Bird Plant Care for chemical free biological pest control.

We are more than happy to help you choose the best houseplant that will best suit your needs, and we always remain available if you have any questions about plant care. Feel free to drop us an email !

Take care



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