Light and Shadow

Where will your new plant live ?

Direct Light


On a window sill where the plant will get sunlight. Plants that require bright light need to be placed as close as possible to the light source, preferably southern or western facing.

Indirect Light


Plants that require bright indirect light or medium light should be placed near a southern or western facing window but not in direct sunlight. 1 or 2 meters away from the window.

Low Light


Low light plants should be placed away from the window. A northern window is suitable for this kind of plants. A very dark room? You can add LED grow light to keep your plants healthy.

The humidity of your room needs to be considered

High humidity


A bathroom or a kitchen will often have high humidity levels.

Low Humidity


A living room with central heating on will have low humidity levels.

What are the watering requirement ?

Water Weekly


These plants needs more attention, and need watering every week.

Water Every Other Week


These plants needs a bit less water to thrive.They sometimes store water on their leaves, so they should be watered every other week.